Environmental Benefits

As the first underground long-distance HVDC project in the United States, the SOO Green HVDC Link is pioneering a new model for sustainable transmission development that avoids environmental impacts associated with traditional aboveground transmission lines. By installing the conductor cable underground along existing railroad right-of-way and other transportation corridors, SOO Green reduces the need for tree clearing and eliminates threats to sensitive species such as migratory birds, bats or native plants.

The project utilizes safe materials: the electricity-conducting cable is well-insulated, produced from non-flammable materials and does not require any cooling liquids or gels. The electric fields produced by the underground high-voltage lines will not harm humans, animals, plants or interfere with railroad operations.

The SOO Green HVDC Link team is committed to minimizing environmental impacts during construction and operation and are working in collaboration with federal, state and local agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.