Grid Benefits

In addition to bringing 2,000 megawatts of clean energy to market, SOO Green HVDC Link also provides essential system-level benefits to help ensure a reliable and resilient power grid. These benefits are realized by sourcing renewable energy from a broad geographic region in the Upper Midwest, by installing state-of-the-art conductor cables underground, and using advanced power conversion technology.

Conductor Cables
Newly available HVDC conductor cable technology enable the delivery of large quantities of wind and solar energy across long distances to urban load, centers with little line loss. These extruded cross link polyethylene (XLPE) insulated cables allow for simpler and less expensive splicing, easier handling in the field, a small installation footprint and high-power transfer capability. This cable technology enables the SOO Green HVDC Link project to be unaffected by severe weather incidents.

Power Converters
SOO Green HVDC Link will use innovative AC to DC and DC to AC converter stations known as self-commutated Voltage Sourced Converters (VSC) that provide important grid support functions and power transfer capabilities not previously available. VSC technology boosts reliability by providing highly responsive utility-scale reactive power, dynamic voltage support, black start and other grid services historically only provided by centralized coal, natural gas and nuclear generating stations. With the largest VSCs ever installed in the U.S, the 2,000-megawatt renewable energy-powered SOO Green HVDC Link will deliver functionality to the power grid similar to that of a large power plant, but without any adverse environmental or community impacts.