Renewable Energy Marketplace

There is a growing need for affordable clean energy to power America’s economy. More and more communities and businesses recognize that zero-carbon renewable energy can reduce their utility bills while reliably — and sustainably — meeting their energy needs.

Yet, America’s most abundant wind and solar energy resources are far from homes and businesses. And, today’s power grid lacks the capacity to provide this clean power when and where it is needed most.

The SOO Green HVDC Link is pioneering an innovative model to build long-distance high voltage direct current transmission lines underground along major rail corridors to directly deliver American renewable energy.

SOO Green will connect two of the largest energy grids, MISO and PJM, creating a convenient energy trading hub where buyers in PJM will procure renewable energy from a portfolio of generators. Such a clean energy hub does not currently exist in the United States.

By partnering with major railroads to install transmission cables underground along railroad corridors, SOO Green limits landowner impacts, minimizes environmental impacts, and eliminates the need for traditional overhead towers and cables.

This approach makes it easier and faster to design, permit and build long-distance transmission lines, like SOO Green, needed to modernize America’s power grid.

And, with these benefits, SOO Green is a replicable model to efficiently deliver cost-effective clean energy, while boosting grid reliability and resilience.

With our nation’s vast railroad network, SOO Green can be the first link a new U.S. Clean Energy Superhighway that drives renewable energy development and creates thousands of jobs from coast to coast, powering the American dream for future generations.